Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Life is Pokémon

You know those websites like "My Life is Average" or "My Life is Twilight"? I'm surprised there isn't a Pokémon one, it could be really successful. Granted, about a third of the posts would be from me, but that's besides the point. Since there is no website in existence, I'd thought I would share some moments where my life was Pokémon.

In my PR Principles class, we had to look up a PR campaign that won a Silver Anvil Award. My eyes were immediately drawn to a campaign with Pokémon. The group that worked on it? The Ketchum Agency. I'm not even kidding, here's the link to prove it:

One of my friends recently adopted a dog. Its name is Eevee. It's going to evolve into a Jolteon for Halloween. Her boyfriend is dressing up as a Flareon and she's going as a Pokémon Trainer.

Last semester I met a guy with the last name Safari. The first thing I thought of was the Safari Zone and much to his chagrin, Pokémon jokes ensued.

One guy's phone went off during class. It was the Item Received fanfare from Pokémon.

In high school, I told a guy that he shouldn't be outside during a thunderstorm. He could have been struck by lightning and then become paralyzed. He told me I played too much Pokémon.

Our professor asked what people were going as for Halloween. She's going as Ash Ketchum. I went up to her, showed my Pokewalker, and told her we were kindred spirits.

My high school economics class was dubbed "Pokénomics". We had ten minutes of lecture; the rest of class was dedicated to me and my friends playing Pokémon.

There's probably thousands of examples when life was Pokémon. Post some of your "My Life is Pokémon" moments in the comments! :)


  1. Hi! My name is Lauren. I stumbled upon your blog, thought it was quite interesting, and I thought I'd share a bit of my pokexperinces! XD

    I volunteer at my church in children's ministry. On this day, I was with the 6th graders and we had a trivia game that ended quickly. The main leader (there were three of us) decided to have open trivia in which we could ask about anything we wanted to to the rest of our group. He started asking many harry potter questions which made me itch to ask some Pokemon questions. I therefore proceeded to ask the pre-evolution to arcanine and one kid raised his hand and answered correctly. A few questions from others went past and then I asked what was special about Lapras. No one could answer correctly. I figured it was hard and then asked another. I asked them to sing the origonal pokemon theme song! I felt so old when I got blank stares, hahaha, but then one of the college people that volunteers next service came in at that time and sang it! I felt sad that pokemon seems to be diminishing in some groups of younger generations however its fun to nerd out with pokemon and not be totally rejected XD

    another, and most likely my last comment for today (hopefully i continue to follow) since I am long winded currently

    Late last year I was involved in a marching band competition and we were on the bus. I heard pokemon music and instantly searched for the source. Looking around I spotted something amazing! Pokemon! ON A PHONE! Sadly I do not have an I phone and dismissed it with sadness. Recently I spotted a friend playing on his iphone and complained lightly to him, but he mentioned that his other friend had played it on his non-iphone phone! Filled with hope I combed through the interweb to find what I needed. And so was the day I discovered emulators and continue pokemon obsession into teen years despite parental protests ;)

    1. Hey Lauren, thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy the content and sorry for the late reply.

      Yeah, at times it seems there aren't as many younger fans, but you'll be quite surprised. I remember my brother's birthday party a while back (I want to say 2007) when he had "Ash Ketchum" visit and do some magic tricks. Ash asked who their favorite Pokémon was and some of the new ones seemed over his head.

      I found myself in a similar situation you did where not many people played Pokémon until I overheard some people in high school talk about Diamond and Pearl. I got so excited I didn't have to be a closet player anymore, haha!

      No matter where you go, you'll be sure to find Pokémon fans. If you have/plan on getting X and Y, feel free to hit me up and we'll exchange friend codes and trade sometime. Btw, what is your favorite version? I love the new games, but I always have a soft spot for Gold.

      Best Wishes,
      Stephen "Smiles" Ramirtha