Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Tune of the Pokéflute

While it'd be nice to sleep in all day, we are unfortunately not Snorlax. Eventually, we have to begrudgingly wake up to the irritating beeping sounds of our alarm clocks. This loud cacophony of noise rivals the bellowing of Exploud, but what if you could replace it with the sound of music? I've previously talked about my admiration for the music in Pokémon, so what better way to wake up than with Pokémon music! So sit back, relax and listen to the tunes of the Pokéflute.

Lacunosa Town, famous for being located near the Giant Chasm, is a quaint little town. The residents of this northern Unova town follow the same schedule day in and day out. During the day, everyone is out and about, welcoming travelers and retelling stories and legends from long ago. At night, not a single soul is out for everyone retires back to their homes when the sun sets. Unlike Castelia and Nimbasa City, Lacunosa is a calm, quiet place to live. As one policeman said, "I don't have anything to do ever since I took a post here. Since nobody goes outside at night, it's very peaceful."

Sonicwave1000 takes the original tune and adds some percussion to further enhance the calm mood of Lacunosa Town. I'd recommend listening to this with headphones; Sonicwave1000 playfully switches the main tune from the right to the left ear, making it a fun listen. The song isn't crowded with instruments, which helps maintains the quiet atmosphere of Lacunosa. As the song progresses, instruments are slowly left out until only the main track remains.

Lavender Town, voted Kanto's scariest place to live, is home to ghost-types that lurk Pokémon Tower. Or...that's what it used to be. Ever since Trainer Red stopped Team Rocket a few years back, the restless Gastlys and Haunters can finally rest in peace. The Pokémon Tower has been converted into a Radio Tower and the graves were moved to the less intimidating House of Memories. While the original theme is somber, this one is more optimistic. Even though you have to say goodbye to your Pokémon, you'll always have your memories together to cherish.

I wish I could say more about this remix, but the truth is I never played the Pokémon TCG game. I know right?! It's blasphemy, especially when the music in the game is as good as this. The normal duel theme gives an adventurist vibe. I can see myself running down a grassy route with my Pokémon racing to get to the next town. I love the choice of instruments for this remix, especially the guitar. This song has single-handily convinced me to try out this game. Maybe I can scavenge a copy somewhere...

What? The music is evolving! Rukentsu took the simple few notes from the Evolution theme and created a chill hip-hop remix. After all the battles and training, your Pokémon is finally ready to evolve.  As I stand in the blinding light of my evolving Pokémon, I reflect on our past experiences. I remember when I first received Bulbasaur from Oak's lab and defeated our rival. I remember when I called upon Piplup for the first time to defend us against a swarm of Starly. I remember Cyndaquil's first fight against Youngster Joey and his "top-percentage" Rattata. I gaze in awe as the blinding light fades and a new form of my Pokémon emerges. We then continue on, ready for the next step of our journey. Rukunetsu's remix is beautifully composed and invokes strong emotion. I can't help but feel nostalgic every time I listen to this.

Whether looking for something to get you up in the morning or just some new tunes to listen to, look no further than the music of Pokémon. Music immerses players in the world of Pokémon and makes you feel connected even if you're not playing. Both the original scores and the community driven remixes are simply awe-inspiring.   

...Alright! I'll give you one more song. This will help you out if you're having trouble sleeping.