Sunday, October 23, 2011

More Soothing than Jigglypuff's Song

One of the greatest aspects of the Pokémon franchise is the music. From intense battles to peaceful towns, the music of Pokémon expresses a wide variety of moods. Today, I'm going to show you a few of my favorite tunes, both original and remixed, from Pokémon.

PokeRemixStudio's latest entry (at the time of writing) is a remix of Celestial Tower/ Dragonspiral Tower from Pokémon Black and White. This piece is both energetic and soothing at the same time. This track features a well developed bass that wasn't present in the original. You can say this remix has evolved from its original incarnation (pun totally intended). PokeRemixStudio's Celestial Tower Remix is just an example of what makes this artist so great.

While originally catchy, I've grown tired of the original Black and White Bike Theme, mainly because I had to hatch so many eggs. With that being said, Sonicwave1000 puts a fresh spin on the track with a new arrangement and some DnB elements. On top of a good remix, the picture is simply to die for. If you find yourself about to blow up from listening to the bike theme over and over again, put your game on mute and play this track instead. You'll thank me later.

You just got through that blasted cave. Being the cheapskate you are, you don't buy any potions or revives. Bad choice because all your Pokémon are now either fainted or really weak thanks to those stupid Zubats and their confusion. 9 times out of 10, when you walk out of that cave, you'll hear this theme. Yep, Gary Oak is here to take advantage of you at your weakest. Red and Blue's Rival Theme is just as iconic as the Final Rival Battle. It still puzzles me how a ten-year-old can get a car full of cheerleaders, but that is a topic for a different post.

Speaking of the Final Rival Battle from Red and Blue, here's a pretty awesome remix I heard. I told Kevin that when we face each other off with our old school games, this theme will be playing. This is a pretty intense rock version; I was bobbing my head for awhile. I got dizzy in the middle and had to sit down. I hope I didn't brain my damage too much...

The original National Park from Gold and Silver was amazing, but Heartgold and Soulsilver's version really outshines it. The newer version stays true to the original tune but rearranges it to make it its own piece. I'm a sucker for the piano and I felt it really complimented the song. I absolutely love the electric guitar solo that comes in about half way through. Surprising enough, the song is still relaxing with the electric guitar. 

Cyrus and Team Galactic are at Spear Pillar to summon Dialga/Palkia. You're racing to the top through the blistering cold to stop them from their diabolical scheme to take over the world! Mt. Coronet's Peak was a winter song that was also intense and filled with a sense of urgency. Unfortunately this plays only in one location which is very hard to get to, so hearing this song more than once is pretty rare.

I could go on and on about awesome Pokémon music and give out thousands of links to listen to. But alas, my time is up and I must wrap up this post. What I've shown is just a sample of an appetizer of how many beautiful tracks exist in the Pokémon world. Simply put, the music of Pokémon are true masterpieces. So until next time farewell.
      Best Wishes,
                            Stephen "Smiles" Ramirtha

...Ok, I'll include one more song but that's it! There are no lyrics, but I'm sure you can still sing along to it ;)

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